Testimonials from our Clients

Reviewed On theknot.com by Jessica E

“I used my stylist that I go to normally. I've known her for 15 years. She came to my house. The style was just perfect. And it was easy to take my veil off later in the night when it was on my nerves. But I also highly recommend Jodi and Lisa.”

Reviewed On Yelp by Charolette B.

"I just got my hair cut again this week and I could not be happier! I have no money to spend on hair care products, and I shower at night, so my curly hair tends to go either flat or poofy in the morning. But with this hair cut that I just got at Splitting Hairs, I wake up in the morning and it still curls just the way I want it to. She is a magician! And I know it will grow out nicely so I don't have to come back after a few weeks. This is a haircut that will last.

Looking for a new place to get your hair cut, give this place a try!"

Reviewed on Facebook by Stacey M.

"Reasonably priced and super friendly service! You'll feel like you made some new friends and you'll have a fabulous new hairdo."